Sunday, December 30, 2012

Update: Goodbye 2012 , Hello 2013 !

It's almost NEW YEAR ! Well, we should end this year happily. Forgive those who had hurt you and ask for forgiveness to those people whom you have hurt. You know, you won't be happy if you ended your year with lots of problems and misunderstandings. End your year wonderfully. Go and greet your family and friends NOW so that it will never be too late.

2013 will be a new life for us. A new season of our story and in every season, it will be filled with episodes and chapters. Well, we all hope for a better year for 2013 than 2012, right? Many may have really much enjoyed this year but I know deep inside them they want to have more fun and enjoyment next year. Everything that happened during 2012, bad or good memories, cherish and remember it for that will be your only remembrance. High hopes for 2013!

2013 will be another year for chances and opportunities. So, if you haven't grabbed the chance during 2012, grab it in 2013 and don't let go of it. If you haven't win the lotto last 2012, then maybe you'll win at 2013. C'mon we shouldn't give up on the things we haven't reached during 2012. There's a lot of years to come. While there's still LIFE, then there's a lot of more chances.

Today's the last day of 2012. So to be safe, grab your phone, call your enemy or frenemy then ask for forgiveness to what you've done this year. Don't forget also to THANK those people who have helped you in your success during this year. By doing those things, I'm sure you'll be ending this year happily and gratefully.

(Posted: 12:28 AM   31 December 2012)
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Monday, December 3, 2012


Would you look at that ?

This just an easy hairstyle to do. I don't know what it's called though. Can someone tell me? Anyone ? I was practicing to perfect this hairstyle and STILL practicing 'til now. As you can see, you'll just make a braid in the side. It's either left or right. It depends on what do you prefer. Then there are 3 sections to make a braid right?  So, put the right section over the center section and put it between the center and left section. After, put the left section over the right section and place it between the center and right section. Get a section of your hair on the other side then merge it to the left section. Just repeat the steps, until you want to stop already. Add some extra clips that you like at the end to make it more presentable and beautiful. This is really hard to explain but easy to do. Well then, just try until you get it.

(W/N): It was our P.E. time that day. Obvious. We're wearing our P.E. uniform. So, don't mind it. xD

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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hey there ! I just want to tell you that i'm just a beginner here. A newbie. So, I'm sorry if there are errors and wrong grammars. I'm not really good in English. I'll talk my own language but as much as possible I'll use the world language so that everybody could understand what i'm saying (if there are people viewing my blog not from my country).

Honestly, I don't know what am I going to do with this blog. My sister told me to try blogging because there are a lot of benefits I could get here. So I tried because there's no harm in trying. Is there? I want to practice doing this stuff too. Maybe after how many years, I'll make this blog a 'Fashion Blog', but for now I'll put it this way.

If you're looking for nice and cool blog the place is not here, YET.
Check this blog ----> . There are interesting and awesome things you'll find out there.

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Thanks a lot ;))

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