Angel Marie ♥


Hi ! So much for an entrance in introducing myself. So I'll start the basics. My name is Angel Marie A. Deiparine. I'm 14 years old (yeah, i'm young) and I live in Davao City, Philippines. I'm a third year high school student and currently studying at Holy Cross College of Calinan. I have 2 sisters, Angelica A. Deiparine ( the eldest, and Edgel Diane A. Deiparine my older sister. I'm the youngest in our family and I'm gonna be forever young.

I want to be a model someday but I don't know what will happen in the future. Only God knows. I also love taking pictures, for short, I love photography. I dance but i'm not an expert. I sing and have concerts at the bathroom ONLY.  So, is my information about myself enough? I think it's enough. If you think you want to know me more then follow me on Twitter (@sheisangelmarie: Thanks for reading guys.

                                                                               ~Angel Marie